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Our customers have a certain lifestyle and our goal is to match that lifestyle. That is why our swimsuits are practical. We have put our swimsuits through tests to ensure its durability over a series of activities.

Our Materials


Our fabrics have been handpicked by our founders and tested to ensure the comfort of our loyal customers. We even slept in them.

Our Materials


Each product is made in limited supply. Catch the wave before it's too late.

Our Materials

The Process

First, we select the fabrics. Our local supplier provides us with the finest fabrics and we hand pick the colors that speak to us.

Secondly, we create our designs. Our design team spends countless hours working on designs to match the colors of our fabric and to add in the little details.

Thirdly, we tailor and apply our designs. Our local manufacturers manually craft every item with care and work on every small factor to perfection.

Finally, We pack the orders and deliver them quickly to your doorsteps. Our items are packaged with care and delivered swiftly to ensure our full customer satisfaction.